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Pārtikas marķēšana Jauninājumi: Lauksaimniecības Technology 2 Komentāri 4 skatījumi 0 When the United States votes on November 6, many Kenyans will want to see if Americans will re-elect President Obama, with whom we share a kinship through his Kenyan father. Nobody outside California can vote on Proposition 37, a ballot initiative that would require labels for many types of food that contain genetically modified GM ingredients.

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If it passes, tomēr, Proposition 37 will hurt global efforts to improve food production through modern technology. The American Medical Association says that there is no scientific justification for adding additional details about biotech ingredients. It would simply confuse grocery-store shoppers, who might worry that such food presents a health risk. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Over the last 15 gadiem, farmers around the world have grown more than 3 billion acres prop tirdzniecības bors GM crops. No credible scientific evidence has shown food with GM ingredients to have caused as much as a sneeze, let alone actual tirdzniecības bot. GM crops are perfectly safe. They are models of economic and environmental sustainability.

Demographers say that byglobal food production must double. The only way to meet this goal is through innovation.

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Just as farmers throughout history have crossbred plants to create new crops, we must now deploy the modern tools of biotechnology to coax higher yields from existing agricultural land. The good news is that prop tirdzniecības bors nations already have embraced GM farming.

Amerikas Savienotajās Valstīs, Kanāda, Argentīna, and Brazil, the vast majority of corn and soybeans are the products of biotechnology. People eat food with GM ingredients prop tirdzniecības bors day. Yet in many poor countries—and especially in sub-Saharan Africa—biotechnology has spread slowly.

Prop tirdzniecības bors activists have crusaded against them, wrongly insisting that old-fashioned farming practices are adequate in the 21st century. Tellingly, few of these protestors have backgrounds in either farming or the science of crop biotechnology.

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When it comes to food production, farmers know best. It will help us feed a growing population.

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The passage of Proposition 37, tomēr, would undermine food security—right away in California, and very soon everywhere. Yet Proposition 37 would carry an even higher price tag outside the borders of California.

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It would cast suspicion on a vital technology. Labels will stigmatize GM food, and companies that perform research and development into biotech agriculture will start to have second thoughts.

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If poor political choices can trump sound science, they may begin to invest their resources in other areas. Africa has a rooting interest in these developments.

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Not only do we want basic varieties of GM corn, but we hope to have access to other kinds of GM crops plus different types of GM traits, such as drought resistance.

Thomas Friedman reminds us that the world is flat: We live in a global village, where legal and scientific events that occur in one place quickly reverberate in the four corners of the earth.

Political decisions in California will soon catch up with farmers everywhere, from Prop tirdzniecības bors to India to my little acre farming plot in western Kenya.

Gilberts Ara Bors audzē kukurūzu kukurūzadārzeņi un piena govis par maza mēroga saimniecību 25 akrus Kapseret, netālu Eldoret, Kenya.